Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Crossroads

They say that when blues legend Robert Johnson came to the crossroads he sold his one time or another we will all come to the crossroads, some will sell their souls, others will take the road less traveled and the rest will not stray from the road they have been on forever.

Songs have been written about the crossroads, movies have been made about the crossroads.....the crossroads is a scary place.  It is that point in our lives where everything can change, depending on the direction we take.  We may reach several crossroads in our lives, some more significant than others, but I promise sooner or later, we all reach the crossroads.

In the coming months I will face the crossroads.....the past few days I have wrestled with the thoughts of that event.  I know that that at this stage of my life, there probably will not be that many more crossroads.  I want to take the right direction.

Some come to the crossroads without much thought and breeze right through.......and I admit, I have done that in the past. But this time, I want the road that is right for me, I want the road that takes me to the place where I can shine, where my light will be its brightest ever.


  1. Jilda- I don't know what crossroads you are coming to, but I will pray that you make the right decision. I hope it is not health related because those are ALWAYS scary decisions at best. God bless you. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  2. Best wishes for a positive outcome, whatever it is you are facing.

  3. I am coming to that crossroads too... I also used to be one that breezed on through, this time I am thinking more about it... Good luck in your decision, I will put good thoughts out for and prayers :)

  4. You are obviously taking this crossroads seriously so I know that you will make a good choice. Whatever your situation, these times of our lives are ones that need careful consideration.

    I think that my biggest crossroads came when I had to make the decision to stay in my marriage or divorce. It took me over a year to make the gut-wrenching decision to divorce and, looking back, it was the right decision.