Monday, March 31, 2014

Days of Value

The last day of quarter of 2014 is gone and no way to bring it back.
Life is short and getting shorter and time is moving so fast it leaves me breathless.
The future that I always thought would be here tomorrow is now.........I thought at first when treatments began that it was ok to lose a few days each month.......but it's going on three years and suddenly those few days each month are adding up.......and I realize, it's not ok.

Even the bad days have to be good, even when you don't feel well those days have to count.....days cannot be lost......cannot be tossed aside.  Every day is valuable, every day matters.  One day, every day will be your last day.....that's why they all count, every day matters.

This weekend was two days of diamonds.......they can't all be diamonds, but when they are not.....they won't be stones.....some will be golden, while some will have no shine or sparkle.....but they will all have value.....and I pray I am smart enough to cherish them all.

1 comment:

  1. I pray we are all smart enough to cherish each day whether it is a diamond or 'just and average day'. You are right... there is beauty in each day and time is flying by, never to return :)