Thursday, November 21, 2013

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation.......that is what we did for my last class this evening.  About a half hour before sunset,
clouds filled most of the sky, but there soft streaks of pinks and yellows......I gathered my students together at the edge of open field and talked with them about mindfulness, what it meant to fully be aware.

We set the parameters of our walk, came into mountain pose, brought our awareness inward to our bodies......then I began to discuss mindful walking......beware of what it feels like to walk on grass, gravel, dirt, to feel and hear the crunch of dry leaves, twigs under the foot......feel the wind, the dampness on your skin........hear every sound, leaves rustle, birds, dogs barking, traffic sounds........notice your feelings, your thoughts, your breath.

We walked almost twenty minutes......each found their own path to follow, each their own mindful space.
We went back to the yoga room, did a few asanas, and relaxation.  Almost every student told me how wonderful the class had been.

If you have never tried a walking meditation, I urge you to try it.......walk your normal slow pace, breathe,
and allow yourself to be aware.......of everything, your body, your movements, your breath, the sounds, the sights, will change the way you see and think about your surroundings......a twenty  minute walk can truly be mind changing.

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