Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

No Black Friday for me.......I spent many years of my life in retail, working every Black Friday and Christmas Eve and day after Christmas.......I have almost become mall-phobic.  Tuesday, someone at work asked if I would be shopping today, I laughed.......I told them, no, not even if Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein called and told me I could get anything I wanted in their stores for free.....I did what makes me happy today,
I taught classes.

Unless you have worked retail during the holiday season, you will never know what I am talking about......ten and twelve hour days, three inch heels on concrete floors, trying to make people happy who will never ever be happy with their purchases because they are exhausted and so are their credit cards.  I loved working with apparel and make-up, most of the time it really was fun, until the holiday season began......and then it seemed, even the customers who were always nice and friendly went to the dark side.

So for me, shopping on line or going to the mall mid-week, mid- December keeps me sane and happy.
I know that many of my friends love the thrill  of an all day or all night shopping just makes my blood sugar drop.  Now, before my mom died, she and I did have some great times Christmas shopping, and I miss those shopping days.  Last year, Rick did a book signing in the mall, while he signed books, I did our Christmas shopping......I do love shopping for our great nieces, buying clothes for them is fun.

I have made a Christmas list of sorts......and my courage is building, I will face the mall soon......just not this weekend.  For all of you who braved the cold, the crowds and the craziness.......kudos to you....the stores love you.  I hope you found every bargain you searched for!

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  1. Well I found you because your lovely husband has followed my blog... I agree with you whole heartily about working retail at the holidays! I would not set foot in a store on Black Friday ever! I too worked years in retail and it was a mad house! Shopping online was made for introverts like me!