Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Change in the Weather

Classes today were a little subdued.......I think the change in the weather took its toll on everyone.
The temps have fallen most of the day, a strong cold wind came out of the north and to quote my niece Samantha, "it's raining leaves."   At times the leaves were so abundant blowing in the wind, it did seem as though it was raining leaves.

Funny how the weather can affect our bodies as well as our spirits.......causing aches and pains, and everything from joy to depression. The past couple of weeks, our travels have taken us across eight states and three time zones......we have experienced  snow, rain, wind and sunshine, warmth and freezing cold......I have felt very out of sorts the past few days, maybe I should blame it on the weather.

Here in Alabama tonight and the next couple of days, old man winter has paid us an early visit, but by Sunday, balmy 70's and thunderstorms are coming to visit......"a change in the weather, is bound to be extreme."  Even Bob Dylan knew something about the weather.  I hope where ever you are tonight, your weather is not so extreme.


  1. It's crazy here right now..cold and snow..but by Sunday it will be 60. Never know what to expect..except the unexpected!

  2. I am sick now, and it happened two days after I got the flu shot. No energy whatsoever...
    The cold temperatures don't help. That's for sure.