Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Treatment #23

Treatment # 23 today,  my chair buddy Louis, finally let Rick take his picture with me.......he is rather camera shy.  Louis is a golden ray of sunshine in that often gloomy room.  Everyone smiled when he walked in today.

We had a new person join our group today, her first time, she was nervous.  She sat by me, we talked about her diagnosis, and how many treatments she would be having.  I explained that I had been sitting in those big green chairs almost two years, that I called our three nurses, blue angels and that there was much love and caring in that big scary room.

Another chair buddy has passed on, since I was there least I know he no longer suffers.  My sister worries about the friendships that I make in those big green chairs......many of them are no longer with us......and I do tend to care with all of my heart.  But I choose to believe I sit in that big green chair for a reason, and you can't not care for someone because they don't have much time.

Louis has become one of my dearest friends, we call to check on each other, he calls Rick to argue football( they pull for opposing teams).  I would never have met him, never had known his kindness if not for those green chairs. I told him once that meeting him was worth every hour spent in the big green chair.  He has been sitting in those chairs over fifteen years.......he is there for a reason also.

I looked around the room today before I left.......for some who sit in those chairs, this will be their last Thanksgiving and Christmas......I pray that their families surround them with love, that their friends bring them great joy, and that many precious memories will be made in the next few weeks........actually, I pray that prayer tonight for all of us......
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Sounds like you and Louis are walking angels too!

  2. I have my internet back! What a bittersweet post, Jilda. It is hard to "let go" sometimes of those souls that we have come to love....even when it means an end to pain and suffering sometimes the loss is almost too much to bear.

    I am sure that YOU are a bright light to some of those others that sit in those big green chairs. xo Diana

  3. Hi Jilda, you're a good soul. Your buddy sound like a terrific guy. I hope that you both get well.

  4. This post brought tears to my eyes, Jilda.
    Those precious green chairs... they say so much about life.