Friday, November 15, 2013

Rainy Memories

By noon today I had cabin fever......we walked awhile first thing this morning, but rain drops began to fall, we made a mad dash for the house.  We haven't been home much the past few weeks, it was  time to visit the grocery store......and my knees were no longer wobbly from the treatment.   By the time I dressed, it was noon and the rain had become a much welcomed steady downpour.

The pouring rain and trip to the grocery store brought back an old memory of my mom......she and I always did our grocery shopping together......and about this time many years ago, we were loading our groceries in the car and were caught in a deluge......neither of us had a dry thread on our bodies by the time we made it to her house.  She was worried that I might get sick, I was worried about her.  November rains in Alabama can be downright chilly, today, as well as that day, the rain was icy cold.  Funny what triggers the memory process.......I actually brought the ingredients to make one of her favorite recipes today, ribs with sauerkraut
and potatoes......she loved cooking that dish in the fall and winter.

I often miss my mom most when there is food involved........she was a great cook, and she passed the love and art of cooking on to me and my siblings.....we all love to cook.  There are so many times in my kitchen when I think of her and am grateful for the kitchen skills she demanded we all learn.  To cook with love was her first rule, her second......never be afraid to play with a recipe......sometimes her creative ventures with cooking got a little strange, but often they were wonderful.

Tomorrow, my sister and brother are coming over to  eat her rib dish......there will be some laughter and memories and as always since she died, a little sadness.....but the food will be cooked with love, and she will be remembered with love......and maybe a cold rain will fall.


  1. Funny how those little nudges of memory can be brought on by simple things. That rib dish sounds yummy! I'm half Greek, but the German half loves sauerkraut. Enjoy your weekend with family!