Thursday, November 14, 2013

Not Your Ordinary Turkey

Ok, Jordan calls and says he needs some help with an art project.
He has to decorate a turkey for Thanksgiving.......he wants it to look like Captain America........I google Captain America, I find a small flag, we make a shield out of foam, bring out the markers......and there you are, Captain America Turkey.

I admit, it was loads of fun and I would love to see what the rest of his class did with their turkeys.  He did say that one of his friends glued q-tips on his and made a skeleton.  This project brought back memories of school projects from my past.....the most unusual one I ever made......a bark wigwam.

It was my typical day after treatment ........lots of rest, fluids......
and I'm thinking we may make more turkeys.....Jordan suggested
Hulk might be fun, and since he is green and red.....we could use him for Christmas too.  An afternoon with Jordan is great medicine.....I suggest you all decorate some turkeys.

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  1. Jordan is getting so big. Great medicine is right. Xx