Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1

November 1.....there is no place like home

November 1......I LOVE Thanksgiving

November is fall in Alabama, this is when our colors of red, orange, browns and yellows really shine

November 1.....time for sweaters, boots and tasty hot soups

November 1.....the whole month should remind us of gratitude, everyday should be one of Thanksgiving

November 1.....big gigs this month, Johnson City Folk Festival and our CD concert at Hart and Soul

November 1.... this month is the eight year anniversary of my mom's death, I realized on the way to her funeral, that the leaves were in their glory.....her favorite color was red, and there were red leaves everywhere.

November 1......only one more month in 2013, how can I slow this breakneck pace of time

November 1......this month marks 23 months of treatments, no end in sight

November 1.....this just might be my most favorite month of the year


  1. I love's my second favorite month next to December.

  2. As a kid I always loved November. Now it reminds me of birthdays for my son and granddaughter and then I miss them so it's bittersweet.