Saturday, November 16, 2013

Salt Water

"The cure for anything is salt water......tears, sweat, or the sea."
- Isak Dinesen

When we were kids, if we ever had a sore throat, stuffy nose my mom brought out the salt water......gargle, nose really did help.  Then there are those tears......I have cried tears of anger, joy and sadness.....and yes, shedding those tears always helped.

Sweat......I am constantly telling my students that sweating is good for you.....gets rid of toxins, makes you feel alive.

The sea.......when I was younger, I loved the warm  Emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  My dad always said those waters were healing.  As I grew older and traveled to the West coast,  I became enthralled by the roughness and chilly waters of the Pacific, and then I visited the Northeast and fell in love with the Northern Atlantic.  And then, there was the Irish coast......rocky, fierce and magical.  

I no longer crave the tropical seas as an adult, but oh how I love rough, jagged coasts  and brisk winds.  I feel fearless when I face a sea that taunts, with winds that chill you to the bone, and the salt spray that stings your face.  Something about that stirs my creative energies and lights the fires in my soul.  It rids my head of fogginess, destroys depression and is a salve that never fails to soothe and heal.

I think salt water....... tears, sweat or sea possibly is the cure for whatever ails you.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Yes, yes, YES! I used that same quote on one of my posts last week. It was kinda cool to see it on your post, too.

    Tears, sweat, sea... I've experienced the healing powers of all three, but by far, my choice will always be the sea.

  2. As I just said to Rick, you speak my language. I just can't take the cold on my back or knees but I know that feeling you describe so well.