Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The Aspen trees had not even dropped their leaves of gold, when the early snow storm hit Jackson WY last week.......the second morning we were there this was our view from our window.  It was a beautiful precious gift from Mother Nature.....she knows how much I love the snow.  Every where we looked, it was post card perfect.  Snow.......it brings a silence that is as beautiful as any song the songbird sings......it brings a stillness that is a mix of peace and love.......it seems to cleanse and purify in a way that rain cannot.
Let it snow.


  1. When it's so drab and dark this time of year and in the months to come..the white snow does bring a brightness...however, us Northerners do get a bit weary of it by Feb.! I'm glad you had an opportunity to enjoy it's beauty out West.

  2. You LIKE snow? Well, if you will send me your address I will send you a semi-load of it sometime mid-winter. I like it for Christmas Day and then I would like it to just go away! xo Diana

  3. I LOVE snow. It's the reason winter is my favorite season :)