Sunday, February 5, 2012

Relax, Be Yourself

"Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are."  - Chinese Proverb

Wow, this one hit home tonight, and hard.  It really made me think about the times I allow myself to stress is all about what, how , or who and my thoughts on the control of all of the above.
And then I think about the times,  I allow life to happen with no struggles, no "fixing" , just being.

Sometimes before we perform I start to get a little antsy ( it really is that thinking about who/how I should be on stage) but when I breathe and think about just having fun.......the real Jilda appears.
One of my best friends played with John Denver for several years......he told me that John always reminded the band to have I do that too.  I remind myself, that music is fun, to have fun performing and when it is no longer fun, it's time to go home.

Actually, I remind myself about John's advice to my friend quite often.......I figure if I am not having fun teaching yoga, then I need to go home.  At this stage in my life, I figure most things should be fun, and if not......then I need to rethink why I am doing them.

Tension, just for a few moments think about the times you get tense......then think about how wonderful it is when you feel relaxed.  Of course, now I am thinking this brings it all back to the Dr. Dyer quote, "you get what you think about, whether you want it or not"

So, letting go of tension, relaxing and being ourselves......isn't that what our moms told us years ago.......just be yourself!  I find myself saying that phrase pretty often too......just be yourself. yourself.......I think it deserves one more yourself.


  1. At this stage in my life I've decluttered all - if not most - things/people/situations etc who just give me grief and stifle me. I can honestly say I'm far more chilled out than I ever used to be!

    Enjoy your day! take care

  2. If it weren't for financial worry I'd be the most laid back, fun, happy person you ever met! I do try though.

  3. That advice can go for most things in life.

  4. A very long time ago I knew a surgeon who was having some personal problems. He asked me one day if I remembered when working in the OR was fun. He really didn't want an answer and I wasn't sure where he was coming from at the time. He committed suicide not long after and I've never forgotten that strange conversation we had. I always have said that when my work no longer brings any smiles to my face or warmth to my heart I will leave before I find myself asking that same question. I do think it should apply in all areas of our life.

  5. I think more people should learn to be themselves. Far too often people worry too much about what others may think of them, which leads to develop false identities to appeal to the masses. On my blogOpinions From an Average Jorge, I am pushing for people to identify themselves as individuals as opposed to fitting in with mass groups. I think we have lost sight of what it really is to be yourself. My hope is to cause a ripple that will turn into a wave, and eventually become a tsunami that reaches everyone. I want to make a lasting impact going forward. Your assertion about being yourself is the beginning of my mission.

  6. Well said - You are SO RIGHT!!

    Greetings from Denmark :)