Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mr. Moon

"I see the moon, and the moon sees  me"........it was quite a spectacle on the way home this evening.....that big fat silvery moon.  But as I sit here at the computer,  he shines through the lace curtain hanging over the window.   Sometimes the moon is all sweet and feminine, but this one tonight is manly.

There is maleness in this moon.....bold, confident, shinning through passing clouds as though they were nothing.  I look through those heavy lace curtains, and see Mr. Moon, almost defiant in his
brilliance tonight .  This is the moon that makes you want to go outside and howl.....and maybe prowl around.

He is rising almost out of sight now, but I peek up for one more view.  He shines through the limbs of the sweet gum tree covered in wisteria vines.....almost sinister now, more cold  than silvery or glowing.

It has been a long time since I have seen a  moon like this one tonight.  He has dominated the sky and the temperature has dropped, creating more chill to the shadows.  I hope he struts his stuff your way, and maybe you too will get the urge......to howl.


  1. My wife came home remarking on the magnificent moon tonight. I made note of it as I walked the dog. Quite a night for viewing!

  2. I think the moon as feminine! It waxes lyrical and pulls and pushes at emotions especially every month!

    Take care

  3. My father told my husband on my wedding day "wait until my daughter starts howling at the moon". I was speechless. Can I help it if I like to howl? lol

  4. It's always been mystical, had that power to hold your gaze once you glimpse it. Last nite was one of those power nights. Maybe there's something to the old folk tales. I have to say I've howled at the moon, but that's my tale and not for here. Keep writing, you do well.

  5. Owwwwwwwwww! I'm practicing my howl! I like how I read your latest post before reading this one...you took time to appreciate the strength of the moon...and in your next post reminded us to do so (take time)in other ways.