Monday, February 27, 2012

I Have Had a Good Day

ok, these pastel sunsets have been just blowing me away!  Here is another one from this evening as I was driving home from work.

The sky looks artificial doesn't it? and this picture does not do it justice.  I look at these sunsets and think, all has to be right with the world.....look at the beauty that is around can we focus on the ugly?

My Monday night yoga class gave me a card tonight......I cried as I read it.  Here are the words written on the card.

Our thoughts of you are always gently wrapped in little prayers for heaven to smile on you, angels to watch over you, and happiness to fill your heart...
because that's how much we care.

What an incredible group!  I 'm a lucky woman.
So between the jaw-dropping sunset, and the outpouring of love from my students......I guess you could say.....I have had a good day.


  1. What a beautiful sunset and words from your students!

  2. Awww yay for beautiful sunsets and thoughtful students! Have a great day, Jilda!

    Take care