Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Practice Hope

"Practice hope.  As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit."- Norman Vincent Peale

Practice hope......such a simple phrase....but there is truth in those two words.  I use to really not like the word practice......well I used it a lot in yoga,  "yoga practice", but when it came to other areas of my life the word practice made me freak.  I began to understand why a few weeks ago,and why now I love that word practice so much.  As much as I have always loved performing, I hated practice.
I would do anything, besides practice.....when it came time to practice for a gig....oh wait a minute, I have so many things to do, or I am tired, or too late, etc.

Now, in my mind, I knew that practice makes you awesome, you gotta do the reps, but it just hung over me like a cloud.....until I substituted the word TRY for practice.  Like, try music, for some reason I thought that every time I practiced, I had to do it perfect.....foolish me, I had forgotten the  meaning of practice......pursue as a profession, repeat performance, the action of doing something, trying to do something.....that's why it's practice, it is not perfect, not until you get the reps in.

So practice hope.....try hope, pursue hope, repeat hope......it will become an incredible path to happiness.  I hear such lack of hope, see lack of hope all around me.....I see it in friends, family
and strangers.  Just like music, art or anything else we want to get good at, we have to practice hope......even when it seems hopeless.  I teach in yoga class, that you don't have to do yoga for an hour every day or even thirty minutes.....take five minutes to breathe , do a couple of poses and sit still.  It will change your life.  Take five minutes a day to practice hope, believe in the good, expect the best, choose happiness. It will change your life.

In the morning, take five minutes, practice hope. 


  1. Thanks for today's post Jilda. I can do five minutes.

  2. I will try this out just for you! I'm happy that Jordan will be OK without surgery. I always feel so bad for the kiddos when they have to visit my place of work! I hope you're feeling better..see, I'm already working on my "hope" practice!

  3. I'm practicing, I promise. Very relieved for you all that sweet Jordan won't need surgery.


  4. I shall try!! Thanks Jilda! Take care

  5. Your posts have been so inspiring lately! Thank you.

  6. I am practicing hope each day. My mind easily goes to the dark side of life, but I have found that through practice of speaking hopeful and positive things always helps me. Each day is a blessing for me now.