Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Energy, it is something that seems to have left my body these days......I go on push, and not flow.
I know, it is not good, but for now, that is the way it has to be.  I think many of us push, if we didn't, well not much would get done......and then I think, would that be a bad thing?

I have always eaten healthy, but lately, it has all been super's that energy thing.
My yoga classes this week have been centered on the chakras, seven energy points of the spine.
There are certain asanas, or postures that help to keep the energy flow balanced.....and honestly,
as I have taught these classes this week, my energy has been better.

I am fascinated by energy, the fact that we are energy, everything around us is energy.  How we use energy, and all its possibilities, continues to amaze me.  Solar energy, wind energy......all this energy around us, and we still let ourselves be dependent on energy from oil.....quite a puzzle.

And then there is the energy of children.......after that birthday party this weekend, I am convinced that if we harnessed the energy of children, for ourselves and our energy needs,
we would never have to rely on oil again!

Energy, why does it seem that some have a never ending supply while others barely have enough to get going every morning?  It is part of that good health deal, nothing more important in the world.  Money, success, talent, none of it matters if you don't have good is the most precious gift.  Good health = energy......what I am striving for these days.


  1. Put a kid in a hampster wheel and feed it energy for the world.

  2. Reliance on oil isn't a mystery. A few people have become very rich and powerful from oil and do not want to affect the status quo.

  3. You are so very right Tony, oil and war have made a few
    Rich and powerful .

  4. A person never really appreciates having such a simple thing as energy until they wake up one morning and it has disappeared. Several years ago, a thief called Multiple Sclerosis stole mine. Some days it takes all the energy I can muster to get dressed, so I really appreciate those days when I have a little extra. Keep striving to maintain your good health and energy. You are on the right path.

  5. I have zero energy ever since I had mono at 27 years old in 1987. I've been tested and tested further but always a negative test. Now that I've been labeled with fibromyalgia, one of the symptoms is fatigue. Could I have had it all these years? I've had the pain that long. Would give anything for 1/2 the energy my mom has at 87!