Sunday, February 12, 2012


"Kindness is an inner desire that makes us want to do good things even if we do not get anything in return."  - Emanuel Swedenborg

Though we have never met face to face, the kindness that you all show me daily as you read my blog and leave your comments leaves me breathless.  Rick and I were talking this evening, wishing that we could meet you all.

I wanted to share with you that an actual diagnosis was made by the hematologist a few weeks ago,
hypogammaglobulinemia.....say that three times!  Ha,ha!  Some of you are in the medical field, you know what it means, for the rest of you....basically I have few antibodies, my immune system is shoddy.  That is why I have been catching every bug that looked at me for the past year.  There is treatment, just waiting for the immune doc and the hematologist to decide what.  So that is why, over and over and over, I have had upper and lower respiratory infections, and stomach bugs and anything else that chose to have its way with me.

It could be so much worse,  so as always it is time for me to put my big girl panties on and just suck it up.  Last night I felt so bad, I chose to have a major pity party and not invite anyone!
But Blackie Bear crashed it and refused to allow me to wallow.  As always, he has not left my side,
and has insisted on his fair share of hugs and petting.

I will be fine, this too shall pass.  I appreciate all your good thoughts and extreme kindness. But,I
do have a favor to ask tonight.....please say a prayer for Jordan(four year old great-nephew).  He is in Children's Hospital, there is a colon issue and he will undergo tests tomorrow, and may be facing surgery.  Since I have a new infection I can't go see him, but I talked with him today.
He told me they only let him have green popsicles.....I asked if they were good.....his reply"there is nothing good about this place."  I assured him when he came home, his favorite popsicles
Otter Pops, would be waiting on him.

Once again, heartfelt thanks for your concern and kindness.  I do not deserve all these blessings.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. I have been following you and Rick since my sister Joy at avintagegreen showed me your blogs. I was wondering if you have checked out Shaklee they have wonderful supplements and are a very positive company.

  2. A few injections/infusions of gamma globulin by the immunologist and you should be feeling better soon. Keep your chin up and keep us posted on how things go. I hope you are up to par soon.

  3. I'm glad they've found a diagnosis -- Godspeed on your treatment and recovery.

  4. Oh Jilda!! I've never heard of such an illness but I could see it's got something to do with the blood and anemia anything with the prefix hypo in it does not sound good! :-(

    But at least you can put a very long and complicated name to your illnesses. There's nothing like being ill and not knowing why, or thinking the worse! I hope you get all the care and medical help needed to help you with this. Good luck and lots of positive vibes for you! Blackie Bear is doing a fine job helping you - yay!

    Awwww little Jordan! Oh he sounds so tiny to be having surgery - poor little mite! I'm also sending him lots of virtual popsicles in all colours but green! Good luck Jordan with the tests - hope you get to see lovely and ever so grand and great auntie Jilda soon!! Take care

  5. Is there anything worse than a condition you can't pronounce? I hope they get the treatment worked out soon and that you start to see results.
    Poor wee Jordan. It is so hard to be little in a strange place and to have people doing things to you that you don't understand. Prayers and good wishes coming from Canada.

  6. I hope they come up with a treatment for you soon Jilda. I was afraid my blood work was going to show some sort of auto immune disease too but I'm grateful it's only fibromyalgia. Sounds odd doesn't it? Glad that's the outcome? I will send positive wishes and sunshine Jordan's way! He'll be fine! Sounds like a tough kid! Hugs and love!

  7. Holding Jordan - and you - in my thoughts.

  8. Love to read yours and Rick's blog each day. You and Jordan are in my prayers for a speedy recovery

  9. Poor little Jordan. I will be praying for him and for you. I'm glad there is a treatment for your illness. God bless.

  10. I've just read this post, Jilda. Now that they have the root of the problem they will address it, so that is a big step forward. Keep us posted. I will be thinking of you.

  11. Keeping you and Jordan (and Rick's mom) in my thoughts! Feel better soon!