Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Changes and Goodbyes

Change of all sorts has been in  the air for several days.......change both good and bad.  It is a time of loss and introspection, a time to examine and  determine what is wanted in life, what is important.
It is one of those times when being left behind is poignant and painful....and the future is so uncertain.

There is a line of thunder storms coming from the west, the dogs are circling around me.  They are extra protective tonight, because Rick is staying with his mom.  Blackie Bear is my big dark shadow,
he follows me tonight even to get a drink of water.....I am honored by his love and loyalty. I can hear the rumbles of thunder, Astro has already found his place in the closet.  Not severe weather, just  old fashioned thunder storms that should usually not visit us until spring.

I am cleaning house, new energy......and yes it is artificial, fueled by the high power
expensive antibiotics that are cursing through my body.   Wow, I am not even tired.  Rick might not recognize the place when he comes home tomorrow!  

Change.....tonight, it is difficult to think about, the changes to come.....hard to stay in the  moment.....when the future  seems to overshadow everything.  I am breathing while I clean. I think about one of the classes I taught today.  The whole class hour was yoga nidra, deep was so needed.  There seemed to be so much tension and depression today, but there were smiles and hugs when class was over.  There were goodbyes today.....change, I see their faces, I think of them sometimes in the middle of the night......I pray.....for their protection, for their peace, for joy in their lives.

Goodbyes and difficult, so much a part of life.  But it is part of the experience, part of the learning, goodbyes make me cry, and change is not always good.  This too shall pass.


  1. Many changes. Take care of you. Sleep well.

  2. I find changes hard but we have to accept them. I'm glad you have some energy and can clean the house. God bless.

  3. Glad the meds are helping with the energy levels. The storm coming through will clean the air and should help a little with how you are feeling. It is always hard to say about, "safe journey until we meet again".

  4. Sending you lots of love and positive energy in my HUGS! Better days ahead.

  5. Here's to emotional relief that can accompany a breaking storm. Goodbyes...the older I get the more I seem to be saying. Not enjoying those goodbyes, maybe I should change it to see you later...?

    Hugs and love~

  6. Changes are part of life. I wish you much peace and hope to embrace those changes. Hugs.