Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daily Walks

Because of doctor's appointments and teaching schedules, and pouring rain and thunder, I have missed my daily walks the past couple of days.  I miss my walks!  The trail I walk changes is the old dirt road to the barn, then a path cut through the woods.  I love my walks.  Walking for me is a daily head clears, I am calm, my senses become much more alert.

The sunshine, the fresh air, the dogs as they nudge me, wanting their ears scratched or just a hug.....that is part of the walk.  There are the neighbor dogs, Dixie and Rebel.......beautiful bull dogs,
who always walk with me, knowing that there are treats in my pockets.......treats that are randomly
passed out to each dog at some point during our walks.

There are days, a deer might run across the path, other days you hear this woodpecker tapping on the trees, squirrels, rabbits,snakes, you never know what you might see.

I need those walks.  It's my time, sometimes I just repeat affirmations with each step.......sometimes I daydream as I walk and I couldn't tell you a single thing I saw or heard.
I understand the need for treadmills, but I couldn't do it.  Being outdoors is something my body has to have, to experience every matter the heat, the cold.

I have more appointments in the morning......but somehow, someway.......tomorrow afternoon
I have to walk.  The trail waits patiently, the dogs walk with Rick.  Tomorrow I walk.


  1. It is good to get out into nature and the fresh air. I hope you can take a walk soon.

  2. I love to walk with Peter as well, it relaxes me immensely!

  3. Enjoy your walks Jilda - this trail looks really lovely! Take care

  4. I think I might even be tempted to walk myself if I had somewhere as beautiful as that.

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