Friday, February 17, 2012

Life Goes On

I  had an interesting morning, I was interviewed as a guest on a health show that will be airing all over the world on the RFD network.  It was only five minutes, boy they whizzed by fast, but it was loads of fun.  They chose me because of my yoga background.  The show that I will be on, dealt with stress.
When I know the when, where, I will let you all know.

We have not been home much this week, between work and spending as much time as we can with Rick's mom, the dogs are starting to show their displeasure of being left alone.  Last night I came home, all the pillows on the sofas were strewn about , and the cozy throws were on the floor.  It actually looked as though the dogs had had a really fun party while we were out.  The wastebaskets in both bathrooms were ransacked, these dogs had a large time!

They must have felt really guilty about it, because tonight nothing was out of place.  They are all snoring and looking quite angelic, but I am sure they have plans.  The past two weeks have been so strange.  It seems every where I go, or each time the phone rings, some one has died.  I can recall this happening a couple of other times in my of those was when my dad passed.
I call these times, death on a binge.  It seems as though, death gets on a terror, and decides to sweep the community touching each family with its chill.  Grief seems to be everywhere tonight.

I remind my self, to everything there is a season.....a time to be born, a time to die.  We all face it, or fight it.....but in the end, it is always the victor.   Birth and death, joy and sadness, part of that circle, we call life.....and life goes on.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. Sending love and prayers to you and a whole lotta hugs!

  2. My mom once had a dog who would empty the bathroom garbage any time people left her alone. Yes, I'm afraid your dogs are a little ticked!

    I'm sorry to hear there have been a lot of deaths in your circle lately. I pray God will be a comfort to everyone.

  3. Every once in a while it seems death goes on a rampage. Sorry to hear you are experiencing one of its rants right now. Hopefully it will end soon and the sun will shine again for you.

  4. Oh do please say when you'll be on the radio! I hope I don't miss it and get the time difference correct! Yay for you!

    Hugs to your lovely dogs - they know how to live life to the full!

    I am sorry for the losses of loved ones. Hugs!

    Take care

  5. I'm sorry you have to face so many goodbyes to loved ones at this time. I hope you have some comfort and peace in the days ahead.