Friday, October 15, 2010


I love weekends. I love my job, so it's not that I hold my breath all week waiting for Friday.
I just know that on weekends, the routine changes. Weekends, we play music.
Weekends, we see friends.Weekends, we often see family. Every other Saturday, Rick stays with his mom, giving his sister a much needed break. So I spend that afternoon, ambling around at the produce market, or the thrift stores, or just sitting home reading a book. On those Saturday nights, I watch PBS, and all the British Comedies.

Sundays are my most favorite day of the week. I sit and read the papers, drink coffee, walk,
maybe have lunch with my sister. Sunday afternoons, I do my best to take a nap. Don't you love Sunday afternoon naps!? ! I might do a little laundry, if we have a gig coming up, we practice.
Even the dogs seem to know when it's Sunday, they are lazy and playful, and when it's nap time,
they LOVE it. If I could bottle a drink of feel good elixir, it would be that laid back, rested feel of Sundays.

Fridays start the weekend, it's high school football season right now. So Friday nights I am home can I be alone with five dogs????? Rick does the local high school web site and he is always at a football game on Friday night. Friday night is old movie night, comfy pjs, no makeup, bare feet, I'm in heaven!

There was a time in my life when weekends were not so blissful. I started to work when I was fifteen, and almost my whole working life I have worked jobs that included Saturdays.
Just about a year ago that changed, it took me awhile to adjust.......but now I understand why
everyone is so protective of their weekends. It's just not the same, having an off day in the middle of the week!

So whatever your weekend plans, going to the beach, shopping, ballgames, festivals, family gatherings, meeting friends, or just hanging.........I hope you have a great weekend, I hope all of you laugh out loud, and I hope you get a hug. Rick and I have a booth at the Heritage Festival in
Jasper tomorrow, he will be signing his books, hope we sell a bunch! They have also asked
Rick and I to do a few of our original songs, so we'll take the stage for a little while around 1:15.
Tomorrow night there is Alabama football, and Sunday, friends are coming over to brainstorm about a songwriter's workshop that we all are hosting. Have to schedule a nap in there somewhere! More tomorrow night.


  1. I like week ends too, though they are often similar to week days in that I'm kind of retired.

    Saturdays it's yard sales and breakfast out with friends or at home listening to the public radio shows and reading. Then mass in the afternoon and supper out.

    Sundays it's the papers, fresh raspberries with cream and lots of coffee! Lenny usually stops by and then we spend the day out for lunch or a Sunday drive, etc. Yeah it's hokey!

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend. I watch PBS on Saturday night too! I love to watch Heartbeat and then a British mystery. It is nice you get the whole weekend off now.