Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 31

October 31, yes it is Halloween, but it also means there are only two months left in 2010. It seems like only yesterday we were looking at the year 2000 with awe. How can time go so quickly when you want it to last and move so slow when you want it over???? This is when I have to remind myself, be in the now. If we didn't have clocks or calendars would all this time stuff matter?
What would it be like to just live day by day, with no concept of time? No need for day planners, or reminders. What if we got up with the sun and went to bed with the moon and stars?

It seems that many of the songs that I have co-written have dealt with time in some way or another. Titles such as Time Has Wings, Turn Around(Life Is Fleeting), Do What You Love,
these are all songs that I have helped to write, and they and many others deal with the passing of time. I think I am like many of you my friends, obsessed with time......especially my time here, on this earth.

We are told from the time we are children, don't waste time, spend it wisely. So, what is wisely....
is it learning all you can, is it doing what you love, is it being present in the now, is it longing for the past, or terrified of the future, is it being stuck in a life that has no meaning, is it living a life full of kindness or trying to make as much money as possible?

I think of an hourglass, and maybe when we are children the grains of sand drop one grain at a time, and with each passing year more and more grains drop until it is like a raging sandstorm
by the time we are old. The clock keeps ticking, and I think that surely by now, I would know, I would have so many more answers than questions, but that is not to be. Every day I seem to have more questions and fewer answers, what happened to all the wisdom that was suppose to come with age?????

Tonight, all I can say is this......I have had a good day, most of it has been spent in the now, with very little thought of the past, and few thoughts of the future. I think I have spent my time wisely today, I did what I love, I lived with kindness, I spent time with friends and family, and sent notes to those I miss. I wish you all a day as good as this one, I wish you all an even better day tomorrow. Spend it wisely.

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