Sunday, October 3, 2010

Perfect Life

I love stones. Beautiful exotic ones like aquamarines, amethysts, malachite, jasper, tiger's eye, I have lots and lots of them. I have made jewelry since I was eleven years old. At first, I made my own beads out of scraps of wallpaper, as the years went by, I discovered wood. Then somewhere down the road, I found this red Mexican clay, and I began to make jewelry with that, and then maybe ten or fifteen years ago, I fell in love with stones.

I use leather, and waxed Irish linen cord, and sterling silver findings. Turquoise and African trade beads, rose quartz and onyx, I truly love the raw earthy beauty of stones. There are women in Ireland who wear my necklaces, women in New York City to California. At some time or another, if you are friend or family, I have made a piece of jewelry for you. I make it with love. Between each stone, there is a tiny knot, tied with love and prayers and wishes.

When you read about stones, you discover there is energy, and healing connected to each one.
As I create and bring these stones together, I think about the energy, and the person and I work hard to make sure there is a good match. For me, a perfect life, would be music, yoga and creating jewelry..........I am almost there.

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  1. You are so talented.

    I have a single piece of jade, oblong and about 2 inches long. I carry it in my pocket and rub it when I'm walking.