Sunday, October 10, 2010

Moon Fever

When we left Helena tonight after band practice, Steve and Judy and Rick and I grabbed a bite of supper. As we were leaving the restaurant, walking across the parking lot there in the depth of a twilight sky was an orange quarter moon.

To me, a quarter moon is very mysterious, more magical than a full moon. And when it is that burnt pumpkin orange , like the one tonight, wow! My imagination takes flight for sure!
At this phase, you look at the moon and you could ask the question, are you coming or going?
As I looked at the moon tonight, I wondered what goes on when three quarters of yourself is hidden? Does the man in the moon take a vacation, or maybe just a nap? Does he throw wild parties, or does he kick back and watch the show on earth? Maybe the orange color appeared because it is October, and the moon is celebrating Halloween ! I have an active imagination, ask Rick!

I have always wanted to visit the moon, I thought by now, it would be as easy to get to as
flying cross country. Maybe in my next life.

Looking at the sky tonight, I felt so small. It is a clear beautiful night, and the stars glimmered
in the darkness like tiny Christmas lights strung across black velvet. That russet quarter moon just added to the beauty and magnificence of it all. I think the beauty of this life are the mysteries, like the night sky, the golden sun, endless stars, and that time of day between day and night when the whole world glows with its very own aura. All that grandeur, and I can't help but think that there is no end , there is no beginning, it is right now.

I find it comforting that the same beautiful quarter moon that shines on me tonight, is also shinning on all of you. Forgive me for my silly giddiness, maybe it is some sort of "moon fever" I hope you catch it too!
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. "Moon fever." Beautiful.

    A little boy attended Sunday morning church with his grandparents, and the sermon topic was "From Dust We Come, to Dust We Return." After lunch he said to his grandmother, "There's a bunch of people under your bed, but I can't tell if they're coming or going."