Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Report

This morning it was 37 degrees here in Empire! Today the sky was blue, the wind brisk, and leaves were blowing. Fall is here! It felt so good to walk this morning, the dogs felt it too.
They all pranced and ran, we could hear wild turkeys down in the woods. All afternoon deer have munched apples under the big apple tree in the field.

It is dry as a bone, and we could use some rain, but the temps are perfect. Blackie Bear is snoring as I write this tonight, he has been out most of the day enjoying the cool air. He is so funny when the weather cools down, as we walked this morning, he actually ran! Not bad for an old dog.

Our leaf color is not so good this year, the weather guy says it is because of the heat and dry spell, I miss the colors. This looks to be a brown fall, not much red or orange. Lots of acorns and hickory nuts, I think the squirrels will have plenty of food for winter.

Short entry tonight, I apologize, a wee bit tired and under the weather. I hope where ever you are tonight, the air is cool and brisk, and you have a tinge of fall in the air too!
Good night, sweet dreams.

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  1. We're having a brown fall too in Kentucky. No rain since Aug. 23.

    It's cool in the evenings but I've resisted turning on the heat though others haven's. I've been buring candles in the evening to warm up the air in the room. We're to have high 70's tomorrow and 80's the rest of the week, so I'll not turn on the AC and hope it warms up the house before it gets cool again.