Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Doc

I now have Doogie Howser as a my new pulmonary doc. I wore my old one out, well he retired and is now teaching young docs. The new doc is ........very very young and even younger looking.
But, he is a sweetie and seems quite competent. He kept calling me Mrs. Watson, I finally said look, please call me Jilda, no one ever calls me Mrs. Watson!

So you all know how I spent my day, but I got a new mix of antibiotics and steroids, and I will have the cleanest house ever by the end of the week, and if you have any odd jobs, I can do them.
That's what the steroids do, crank everything up to high speed.

It's interesting to talk antibiotics with the young doc, so he says, you just came off antibiotic A, and before that you had been on B, and you're allergic to C and D, so we don't have much to work with, but there is the old faithful E. Even more interesting, A had cost me over $200 for seven pills,
E cost $6 for twenty eight, I think there is a problem in the world of pharmaceuticals.

But, I am grateful, things could be worse, there are many many others who are way way sicker
than me. This is just a tiny little bump in the road. I am glad for old faithful E.
And in a few days, I can take a walk and not have to nap afterwards, and I can sing without feeling like I have ran a marathon.

Forgive me for whining. ......... I should be back to my old self by tomorrow night, at least that
is what Doogie says.


  1. Healing hugs being sent out to you. And I understand what you mean about the too-young doctors. When I met my mom's oncologist I wanted to ask if she'd even graduated high school yet! Either we are getting older (no way) or they are getting younger.

  2. I tell ya it is pretty sobering to be wearing out a doctor!

    I'm going to see my regular eye doctor tomorrow at 8:45 a.m I hope to be awake for it. Then I go to see my endocrinologist mid afternoon. I hope he doesn't retire before I die. He's about my age.

    My friend Reggie is having a biopsy of his thyroid and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him.