Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anticipation of Rain

We are in a drought, it is so dry that even digging down six to eight inches, it is only dry dust.
The weather gods are saying that we will have rain tonight and for the next few days.........October is always our driest month. And still even under a fire ban, people burn......leaves, trash, etc.
and throw cigarettes out of car windows. There have been so many fires in our county the past few weeks, we have hoses connected to all our outside faucets, just in case.

There was a ring around the moon Friday night, so according to my Grandmother Mamie's
wisdom, rain should be moving in tonight. I can't wait to smell the earth as those first drops of water come down, there is now lightening to our west and the wind is picking up. There is some color in the trees, but also lots of brown dried leaves on the ground. I love the smell of wet earth,
the sound of the creek running over the rocks, water dripping from tree limbs.

I know we have lost trees, and some flowers. Not only has it been dry but hot. Normally our front yard is a soft cushion of velvety green moss and maybe some stray mushrooms and ferns. Our house faces north. A plus for the heat, we are still picking tomatoes and eggplants in the garden! The nights have been cool, so when we walk in the mornings, I'm in sweats, and by mid-afternoon, tee shirt and shorts. Tonight is different, warm and humid, which is good because we have had extremely low humidity for a long time.

Now that you have a detailed weather report from Empire, Al. I know you can all rest easy!
What can I say, I love my trees, and all the vegetation that surrounds us. It is sad to look around and see what is usually so full of life and vibrant, lifeless and wilted. So when you say your prayers tonight, ask for some rain to fall on Empire, Al. I 'll do the same for you when the need arises.


  1. No rain here in Louisville either. Five blocks over Reggie said he got rain and Anne 90 miles north said she didn't. Neither did Lenny 40 miles north. We've decided we must be in some glass bowl, alla Stephen King's "The Dome"!

  2. We had record-breaking heat here (southwestern Canada) lately. It finally started raining the other day. I hope it comes your way.