Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This and That

First for those of you who want the yoga nidra cd, will mail them out tomorrow, hope you enjoy them. Buddy is so excited that his snooze was captured for all time!

We are in a drought, I know that many of you have had floods, but it is so dry that when we walk our trails every morning, we leave a tiny dust cloud. Looks as though we might get some rain a little later tonight. Keep your fingers crossed, every county in our state has a burn ban.

Along with possible rain, a cool front is coming through.........night time lows in the upper thirties!
Looks as though we are getting some fall color, as I drove down the mountain coming home from
work yesterday there is some gold and red mixed with the browns and greens. Will take some photos to post tomorrow!

Tonight is one of those times when I have just ran out of steam, creativity seems to have flown out the door. Maybe my muse will smile on me tomorrow.
Good night, sweet dreams.

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  1. The only hope for rain here is tomorrow. Next week we're to have high 70's. This week it's high 80's. The week end it was low 90's!!