Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tuesday Thoughts

Jordan and I picked our first basket of blueberries today...well it would have been a full basket, but he put every third berry in his mouth.  He loves blueberries.  At the beginning of spring, he told me not to pay him for any extra work, just let him eat all the blueberries he could .   That was not a good deal.

The strawberries are starting to ripen as well.  Every morning when we walk the dogs, Jordan grabs a berry or two for "energy".

I am watching a wonderful painting DVD.    I want to make sure those nice brushes and paints Rick bought me are not wasted.  This is actually a college class and it's fascinating to watch and learn.
I came to the conclusion years ago, I could be a professional student.

I hope Wednesday brings you joy, gratitude and kindness.

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  1. I think I would be tempted to eat a lot of berries too. They do tase so good when fresh like that. I tried to make a blueberry pie yesterday, but it wasn't a success, it all fell apart when I tried to cut a piece. It didn't look good but still it was delicious. Looks aren't everything.