Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Early Bounty

Once again we picked blueberries today and Jordan ate half of them.  He is coming over tomorrow to help me paint porch furniture.  I am sure there will be some blueberries picked at some point.
They really are delicious.

Our weather is getting warmer, will be almost 80 degrees tomorrow.  The 80's I can handle, but boy I dread those 90's when they come around.

I think tomorrow I will bake a lemon pound cake, it works well with blueberries and cream.
Be kind.  Be well.


  1. I remember this picture (or a similar one) from last year. I like it. I think I've downloaded it (don't worry, I won't use it; it's just to delight my eyes.).

    Sadly, blueberries are not grown here, and at the supermarket I rarely buy the tiny box as it is quite expensive.

  2. As long as you have blueberries around, I think you'l have a very willing helper!