Friday, May 15, 2020


I planted rows of limoncello sunflower seeds today.  My sister Nell had given me a tiny packet of them for my birthday last year and I had saved seeds but I wanted more.  Recently Rick did an interview for the paper with a professional gardener and  he gave us the name of a seed supplier that he used.  Bingo!  They had seeds that I had searched for months to find.  My order came yesterday and I was just giddy opening the package.

Tomorrow I will plant seeds for several vegetables that I  could not find as well as an assortment of French Marigold seeds.  I feel like Merlin or some ancient alchemist, but instead of turning lead to gold....seeds into food and beautiful flowers.   The photo is of last year's limoncellos.  I hope to see an abundance of those yellow beauties this summer.


  1. I only wish I could plant like you are doing but that is beyond my abilities anymore. I love sun flowers as they are so cheerful ! So I will continue to enjoy yours. Thanks for sharing your garden.

  2. As you know I am not a gardener but I am pleased you got your seeds.