Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tolerant Hook

My friend Karen wrote a gratitude journal on FB for 60 days.  At the end of her 60 days she asked her daughter and I to carry on for 60 more days. Karen is an incredible writer and I was honored that she asked me to pick up the torch.  I won't be posting all my days on here, but this one got a great deal of attention today so I am sharing it tonight.

Gratitude day 2, Dogs. We have had rescued throw away dogs our whole married life. Most have been mutts but some have had those snooty bloodlines that people pay big dollars for. Currently we have Taz the Yorkie who knows she is queen of the world and wonders daily how she ended up on a farm. I can tell you why she loves living here, my shoes.
Within her first week with us, she had found my shoe collection and chose only my finest leather boots to satisfy her urge to sniff and rest on. She positively purrs lying on those vintage leather Gucci’s.
Hook is a deaf Pitt bull mix. He is just a chunk of furry love. I think he knows we saved his life and his loyalty takes my breath away. Hook would take a bullet for me. This morning he rests at my feet while I drink coffee. He is ever watchful , making sure those nasty squirrels don’t attack his happy home.
And our newest rescue is Kodak , a lab mix with an adorable face and enough energy to send a rocket to Mars. The only time he is still is when he sleeps.
Hook tolerates him and Taz scorns him.
Through our 46 years of marriage all our throw always have given us love, companionship and many memories. Their personalities have been unique. I am so grateful for our rescues, and the incredible amount of joy they have brought into our lives


  1. You are indeed blessed by those rescues of yours. How nice to have such unconditional love.

  2. I get that rescue pets know they have been saved and believe they have a special realationship with their human