Monday, May 4, 2020


One of the things I have cherished most about our songwriting ( besides the songs we write and our performances) are the friends that music has brought us.  Tonight we spoke with one of those friends and it truly was a gift to hear her voice.  What a rush of memories just the sound of her voice triggered.   We met at an ASCAP workshop in Nashville and our friendship just blossomed.
She would drive down to Alabama and visit, we would visit her in Nashville. 

As life does, through the years our paths crossed less and less, those bumps and curves that come with age widened the distance.  Where did the time go?   But a few years back, our friendship renewed.  I think age has reminded us of those who remained important in our lives.

Tonight, she had a bee emergency, she might have a swarm.  When I got her text I told Rick we have to call her, she needs some advice.  Rick spoke with her first and then I got the phone.  We giggled and laughed and maybe came close to tears a few times, but what a gift a simple phone call was tonight.  One valuable lesson Covid 19 has taught me, those friends I treasure....I just want to see them again, to hug them...that is what I want tonight.


  1. Old friends are treasures for sure. Interesting that she got a bee swarm and knew who to call for help. Should make for a busy day. Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.