Friday, May 1, 2020

Friday Update

The  meniere's flared a couple of time this week, last night was one of them.  Nothing really bad, just enough to keep me on the couch with its usual symptoms.  The last  major flare I had was April of 2019, thankful for that.

I finally have the deck back in warm weather shape.  The plants weathered the winter well on the side porch and the warm days and plentiful rain have made them flourish.  We have repotted several and I am anxious to see how much they grow by summer's end.

Jordan wants to make some extra money so he is going to help me paint the three tables and eight chairs that are on the deck.  Taking care of the chickens and helping in the garden are regular chores, no pay for those.

We planted a raspberry bush today.  I have wanted one for years, they will be so tasty with the blueberries and blackberries. 

Fatigue has hit early tonight, a residue from last night's flare.  Hot tea and a cozy bed are calling to me.
Tomorrow is Saturday, be kind, be grateful, be well.


  1. Hope you are feeling much better today and can enjoy a great weekend. Nice you have Jordan's help there. Even though he's working I'm sure there will e some fun to be had too. Enjoy !

  2. Since you've mentioned those great - berries fruit: I've noticed that health supplements made of seeds and berries can be very effective: acai berry extract, grape seeds extract etc.. Perhaps there's some berry/seed extract that does wonders about Meniere too.

  3. I'm hoping that you feel better today. Maybe you're working too hard.
    Hugs, Julia