Saturday, May 16, 2020


Another day of outdoor work, planting, grilling, picking blueberries and picking up supplies.
Though our state is one of those that has opened, we are still practicing social distance, wearing masks,  going into stores as little as possible and staying away from groups of people, and washing our hands constantly.  The number of those in our state testing positive is going up daily and deaths are rising.  Life has become very strange.  Who knows a year from now, what sort of transformation we will be a part of .

I am grateful for our link with nature.  So thankful to be here on the farm, and truly feeling the connection of all living things.  The work of tending to the chickens, taking care of the bees and growing food keeps us focused on the positive.  I so miss our gatherings, our music gigs, teaching classes.   Time seems to have been suspended yet moving in bizarre directions.

Tomorrow is Sunday, wishing you peace, kindness and good health.

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  1. Good to take all the precautions you can. It's not safe yet. Wash those hands.!