Monday, November 18, 2019


Taz has a thing about shoes.  She loves leather, doesn't chew on it just sleeps with her head snuggled up against the shoe.   The other weird thing, she hides my shoes I wear to work.  Some times she takes them outside through the doggie door.  She has hid them behind sofa pillows, under the sofa, in the laundry room.  Today I could not find them any where.  I got in tonight and started to fluff the down comforter on the couch, yep there were my shoes.  She cracks me up. She is so small, and to jump on the sofa with a shoe in her mouth takes incredible effort.

As Mondays go, this has been a good one.  I hope yours was good  as well.
Keep spreading the joy and kindness, it's important.  Enjoy your Tuesday.

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  1. Today will be a quieter day for me as I sued up all my energy with yard work yesterday. I need a day to rest up and recharge. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!