Saturday, November 30, 2019

Rain, Paint and Taz

Storms are rolling through and as I type this blog tonight, Taz is sitting in my lap.  It's not easy to type with a little fur ball shaking because of the thunder and lightening, but we are making it.

I started on my Christmas cards today.    I usually paint 2 or 3 designs and then decide which one I like most.  2 down, one more to go.

It has been so nice having a long weekend,  Monday will be here too soon.  I realized this afternoon that today is the last day of November.   December is upon us and soon 2020 will be here.

My cup of hot tea is ready and Taz is finally calming down.  May your Sunday bring peace and kindness.

1 comment:

  1. Very quiet and relaxing Sunday for me, hope it was for you too. The rain is gently coming down outside and it's nice to hear pitter patter on the roof. Tomorrow we'll begin again.