Saturday, November 9, 2019

Old Friends, New Friends

My friend from grammar school texted me yesterday and said she and a couple of her friends would be out in the country today and would love to drop by for a visit.  I was thrilled.  Karen and I had been close friends when we were kids, but she had moved and we lost touch.

A few years ago her husband was killed in a plane crash and as tragedy sometimes does, it awakened a desire in her to reconnect with her past.  We met for lunch one day and discovered our friendship was still there. 

Today, Karen, her friends Kathy and Dianne visited and it was delightful. Kathy brought homemade bread, we shared honey and fig preserves and mugs of hot tea and laughter filled the house.  Rick and I took them through a section of our walking path on this beautiful fall day and we all agreed, "life is good."  Karen and I are in the center, Kathy and Dianne bookend us.  What a wonderful day.


  1. There is nothing like reconnecting with an old friend for bringing back some wonderful memories. Sound like a wonderful day And its great picture so you can remember old and new friends in the years to come.