Friday, November 1, 2019

November 1

November 1...a change in the weather, boots and sweaters finally

November 1...I love fall

November 1...Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

November 1... nothing as spectacular as the color of fall, even in the south

November 1...October 1 it was 100 degrees, October 31 it was 31

November 1...this month is bittersweet, with all it's beauty and bounty, it is the month my mom died

November is All Saint's Day, the love, the courage, of all that have come before us, lives in our DNA...honor them tonight

November 1...two months left in 2019

November 1...bird feeding frenzy begins as their source of food dwindles

November 1...nothing like a cold night sky

November it too early to hope for snow?

November 1...fireplace, dogs snoring and music...all good things

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  1. It is time to enjoy the comfort of home. Making soup today to take the chill off.