Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Busy Tuesday

I dry brined the turkey this morning.  Hurried through my usual morning chores, then we left for Jasper to film the video of our Christmas song and have lunch at the Daily Mt. Eagle which is one of the newspapers Rick writes for.   The video is for the paper's social media site so as soon as it is up and going we will share.

I taught my women's group at work today.  Several of the students left for home today.  I will go in tomorrow, but now sure how many will be there.  I am just happy so many of them get to go home for Thanksgiving.

Rain moved in earlier, more rain coming.  For those of you on the road the next couple of days, be safe.   Don't forget to breathe, be kind and laugh out loud.


  1. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. but sometimes the preparation is a lot of work. Too bad you don't get a day off to get ready. Enjoy what you can of it! Everyday is a gift.