Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Blueberry Red

Rick had to fetch me at work yesterday evening, vertigo and nausea hit.  It was a rough night, but better today.

Even though we have record breaking cold, we have an  incredibly beautiful full moon tonight.
The stars and that moon have bathed everything in a silver glow.

If you don't eat blueberries but you love beautiful plants you should plant some bushes.
Their fall color is spectacular.  We get more golds and browns and not so much red, so the blueberry reds are nice.

I am about to cook dinner, not much food has been in my system today so I am hungry.
Stay warm.  Be kind.


  1. That touch of red seems to warm things up. Soon we'll have nothing but grays and black here and those colors tend to be cold along with the weather.

  2. I just put some pine needle mulch on my 8 tiny blueberry bushes. It will be a few years to harvest.
    I hope that you are feeling better today.
    Hugs, Julia