Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday Thoughts

Good thing I saw lung doc today for my 6 month check, seems I probably have walking pneumonia.
Not surprised, there have been some students at work with it.  I knew my cough was not its normal self, and fatigue had been bad, but my mind set just said push through it, it's ragweed.  As Rick so fondly loves to remind me, I do not have a medical degree.  A Zpack for a week and all should be fine.  I am glad this weekend is a nice slow one.

The rains from Harvey started today, times of downpours but so far nothing bad.  The weather guys say tomorrow will be our day for nasty stuff.  South Alabama seems to be getting their share this evening.

I am a wee bit brain drained today.  Thoughts are going nowhere.  I think I should end this about now.
Sending all the good thoughts I can muster for Texas.  Spread some kindness tomorrow, we all need some.

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