Sunday, August 27, 2017

Bring Light

I love it when there are energy shifts.  The past couple of months had been a little rough. Losing a friend and a family member, the heat, the rain, things had seemed oppressive at times. Even the few days before the eclipse I felt really out of sorts.  Other friends had said the same thing.

Since the eclipse there has been a change.  Lightness has returned, an uplifting if you will.  Last night's pickin' party helped a great deal as well.  Seeing friends, hearing good music, sharing a meal, there is magic in all of that.

This is the last week of August.  Labor Day is a week from tomorrow.  Kids are back in school or are going back. Something about summer moving into fall always makes me feel hopeful.  I know most feel that way about winter to spring, but summer to fall gives me energy and hope.
This last week of August up your kindness quota.  Share more smiles, spread more joy.  We can do this.  One person at a time, we can bring light to the darkness and fear.

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