Friday, August 25, 2017

Good Friday

Our weather pattern is changing.  The past couple of mornings have been down right cool, low 60's and the afternoon temps have been in the upper 80's .  It is a nice respite and according to the Almanac we are in for more "normal" fall and winter weather this year.  We can only hope.

Looking around outside today, you can see the subtle changes taking place around us.  The garden is playing out.  The trees that were verdant and rich a few weeks ago seem to becoming tinged with gold. The sunsets are more vivid and the days are getting shorter.  Summer is holding on, but fall is waiting in the wings.

It has been a good Friday.  I have thought of Louis many times today.  I miss my friend.
May the weekend bring each of you joy and may each of you spread some kindness.  Sending good thoughts and prayers to our Texas friends.  May you all be safe.

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