Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Palatable Fear

Transformations are painful, whether they are good or bad.  We humans don't like change, don't want change.  Change is going to happen, whether we embrace it or fight it, change will happen in our lives.

I listened to students' stories in class today.  I am always astounded at how strong  they can be.
My students are fighters.  No matter their lifestyle, their profession, their past, by the time most make it to rehab they know something has to give.

Today was a day of tears, anger and frustration, but by the end of class there was a flicker of light in faces.  These students are new and they are walking a tightrope with no net.  For many of them this time at our facility will make or break their life.  Fear is palatable.

In a few weeks, their eyes will begin to sparkle, laughter will slowly come back into their lives.  Hope will blossom and the understanding of how to rebuild their life makes sense.
I am drained, but that is ok.  A cup of hot tea and my cozy bed will make it all better.

Early class tomorrow, early bedtime tonight.
Remember to be kind to every one, even those who don't seem to deserve kindness. They need it the most.

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