Friday, August 4, 2017

Healthy Journey

This week away from work has seemed more like one day and  not a week.  I have done a great deal of sleeping, I suppose my body needed it.  What can I say, I have been a slug.

Today was a whole day of real food, not soft stuff.  Rick and I went to our local produce stand and bought tons of fruits and veggies.  My body is rejoicing.  I have been reading about a Dr. Wahls.
Basically her story, she was a successful doctor, was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS and became wheel chair bound.  Since her particular MS did not respond well to meds, she was told any function lost as the disease progressed would never return.

She began to research why her body was failing and what she could do about it.  She took her health into her own hands.  After successes and failures, she figured out the nutrients the body had to have to function properly.  She was able to return to walking after being wheelchair bound.  It was not an easy journey. But her story is amazing.

I have been reading a great deal about energy healing/medicine.  I believe with all my heart we are what we consume, food, water, positive/negative energy, books we read, thoughts we think, people we spend time with.  Everything around us has an impact on us.  I believe our earth has everything we need to keep us healthy.  Native Americans taught that all the medicines we needed were supplied by nature.  My father and his mother believed that as well.

It's Friday, the first weekend of August.  The year is half over.  Let this next half be one of kindness, a journey toward health and joy.  Eat your fruits and veggies, drink some fresh water, get some sunshine and gentle exercise, breathe and be grateful for one thing every day.  


  1. That's true - nutrition (veggies, fruits, clean water) has all the essentials we need. Still, in my opinion, it's only second in importance, after Stress, and before Genetics, when we deal with health issues.

    To help our body's health we need to get rid , first and foremost , of Stress in our life (all those factors that drain our energies). Nutrition alone, with or without excercise - won't help much.

  2. Such good advice for everyone. Our body is so amazingly built to heal itself and we need to understand how it all works.

    I'm glad your body got a lot of rest and didn't absorbed other people's negative energy.

    Wishing you renewed energy and healing.
    Hugs, Julia