Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Better Part

A new friend ( we are IVIG treatment FB friends) reminded me tonight I can't forget the good times when I am not feeling so good.  It was a gentle reminder that I needed to hear, and he is right.
I admit, I have been down all week......and yes, today was another couch day.  But, as my friend so sweetly said, " I know it gets better, because I have experienced the better part."  Wise, true words.

I am not always one to sing the praises of technology, usually I am the one bemoaning the advance of all things technical.  But, to be fair, I am grateful for FB , because without it I would not have met this friend, and without him, not found out about a foundation for my illness, or a support group.
Just the ability to communicate with someone who is going through so many of the issues that I am has helped. To know that a foundation exists, and I have talked with them today, gives me hope.

Rare diseases are difficult for all.  For those of us who have them, we are salmon swimming upstream, fighting to survive......for those who think the money should be spent on caring for the masses and the the few who are rare, let us sink or swim......well, I can promise you this, if it were you or someone you loved with one of those rare diseases, your thoughts would be very different.

For all tonight, who are battling any illness, common, or rare........I remind you to have faith and remember the words of my friend, " I know it gets better, because I have experienced the better part."
I hope we see the better part soon.


  1. Your posts always remind me that every bit of life must be seen as "better". If I thought that the worst has passed, I will discover I was wrong. So, it is all better.

  2. I hope it's better for you and all those who go through the difficulties of treatment for illnesses that just can't be fixed with a pill. I see how hard it is for folks and their families during times of sickness. Hugs to you tonight Jilda.