Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Recharge and Rest Day

It has been a day to recharge and rest........a sky the clearest of blues, no humidity ........Jordan was here getting an aunt jilda starts Monday, he is excited but he loves spending time at our house.  Rick is still on jury duty, he comes home every evening looking exhausted.
A funny thing today.......after Jordan's granddad picked him up, the phone rang......caller id said Walker County Courthouse, ( the county where we live).  A woman from one of the judge's offices ask to speak with Rick, I tell her he is at the courthouse on jury duty.
She sounds flustered,  and mutters something about Rick reporting for jury duty this coming Monday.......she hangs up the phone.   Five minutes later, she calls back......laughing, apologizing, assuring me that Rick was on jury duty and they had him confused with someone
else.  She keeps saying I don't want you to think he is not where he is supposed to be.
I am sitting on the sofa thinking, I am not the one who has issues about where Rick is.

Jordan and I had a really nice low key day.......his Florida vacation  last week exhausted him.
He told me Monday, that going to the beach every day was hard work.  This day was perfect for me, just what I needed.....time with Jordan puts it all in perspective.
Hump day.......not only is the week half gone.....but August is almost half gone.  You know what I miss most about back to school?   I always got new shoes......not always clothes, but shoes.

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  1. I remember back to school and getting all kinds of new supplies...I am glad you had a good time today;)