Friday, August 29, 2014

Blame's so easy, so very blame others for everything.....for the way their lives are, the way their children's lives are, the way your life is.  But, as adults........we make our choices.......we make our choices......and we live and die by them.

It seems when there those who are going through hard times, that blame is  spread like honey on toast.  The other thing about blame, it comes down to power......power to make someone else feel bad,  because you can't control them.

The other nasty part of blame......judgement.....and that is when it really gets ugly.  Nothing in the world like casting judgement on someone when they are down, when life is beating them up.

When blame is tossed in your direction, you  do have some can drown yourself in blame, be the scapegoat and the whipping post.......or you can stand up, keep the faith and follow your heart.  Let the blame fall on those who cast it.

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