Friday, August 22, 2014

Old Friend

For many years we had a Nordic Track Ski machine.......I loved it.  We used it daily for years, but the only place we had for it was in our guest room.  We got tired of having to move it every time someone came for a we gave it to our nephew.

Well, a few years have gone by, Rick has put on a few pounds ( like most of us as we age) and his knees are not playing nice.  Here in Alabama, when the heat and humidity build I can't do our daily walks because the air quality gets so bad.

We both had spent a great deal of time discussing how to stay healthy, keep his knees happy and my lungs functioning........yep, we started to really miss our old Nordic Track.
This week on Craig's list, Rick found one on for $75, a steal!!!!  Unlike our old one, which was the most basic they made, this one was top of the line and looked brand new.

It has a new home in our guest room......and if and when our friends visit.......I suppose they can hang their clothes on it.  I spent five minutes on it was wonderful.
I felt as though an old friend had come back in our lives.  I know, you must be thinking how strange and weird.......but maintaining health has become a top priority for both of us.
Teaching 8 yoga classes a week, keeps me in shape and peaceful.......but spending time on the ski machine makes me feel powerful and strong.  I think it is a good match.

Tonight, all I can say......we found our old friend.......I hope he stays a long time.

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  1. Enjoy it! Just be a bit careful because they can be hard on low backs...I learned that from Jack! (remember, he's a Chiro!)